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Money-Back Guarantee

Hoosier DJ Services present "The Grand Ensembles".

Only a Grand Ensemble reservation comes with a Money-Back Guarantee. This is NOT to be confused as a "Satisfaction Guarantee" where a person can just say that they were not satisfied and insist on not paying. Our money-back guarantee is as follows:

With a secured reservation of a Grand Ensemble wedding DJ/Emcee, we GUARANTEE to:

1. Be set up and performing ON TIME in proper attire. Assembly & disassembly time is on OUR time. Your time begins and ends with the times stated on the signed,written contract. We will not be liable for any delay or obstruction caused by others once we arrive at the location or facility where the event is scheduled to be performed. We are liable for arriving in time to assemble and perform on time.

2. We will perform in accordance to your wishes that you provide us through the online planning services we provide for you as a client with your secured reservation. We do NOT guarantee to play every requested song, but we will have the required songs for your special dances and ceremonies.

3. Our services and guarantee is for the person or persons whose name(s) and signature is listed on the service agreement and does not venture beyond that person, the reserved date or the actual minimum time of service listed on the agreement.

4. We will provide all equipment in proper working order that has been promised and contracted as part of our services.

In the event that we are liable for a refund, due to our own actions, we will honor the money-back guarantee in relation to the damages suffered. Time and damages will be pro-rated and the client will be compensated for the actual loss and nothing more. A full refund will be given if we fail to show. 

There will however, be charges for the actual time, service and equipment we provide for the contracted event that we are able to fulfill.

Hoosier DJ Services will not be liable for any amount greater than the CURRENT BALANCE stated on the service agreement.

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